It’s easy to add HighLight Bookmark Plugin to your WordPress blog/site.
Simply download and install our plugin to get started.

  1. Download and unarchive the plugin folder.
  2. Place the uncompressed share-this folder in your wp-content/plugins directory, you should end up with up with wp-content/plugins/highlight_bookmark_manager/.
  3. On the Plugin page in your WordPress Administration area, activate the Highlight Bookmark Manager plugin.

Try It Now

Download ZIP
Keep Users on Your Website.

How to get a free report?

Step 1. Login Highlight Bookmark Manager Console.

Click HERE and go to login.

Step 2. Apply a new account for your website.

Apply new account using your website/blog name and domain name.

Step 3. Copy web id and web secret.

Copy the web id and web secret of your website, then use it at step 5.

Step 4. Back to your WordPress site and locating The Plugin Options Page.

In the sidebar, expand Settings, then click on Highlight Bookmark Manager.

Step 5. Enable tool.

Using the web id and web secret to enable your Highlight Bookmark Manager plugin in your WordPress site get from step 3.

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